Tourism has become one of the world's largest industries, and the revenues it generates have grown increasingly important for the global economy.

That is why Honduras has made tourism a priority, believing that the industry will not only benefit the country by creating new jobs and bringing in foreign currency, but also by strengthening our national identity, increasing development and competitivity, and providing Hondurans with a higher standard of living.

Honduras Tourism Offices

Cámara Nacional de Turismo
Col. Lomas de Guijarro
Edif.. Plaza Azul
Ave. Berlin, Calle Viena
Tel. 2239 9397, 2235 8355
Fax 2235 8348

Cámara Nacional de Turismo Capítulo Islas de La Bahía
Hotel Casa Romeo
French Harbour, Roatan
Tel: 2455 5853, 2455 5518
Fax: 2455 5645

Cámara Nacional de Turismo Capitulo La Ceiba
Edificio Gómez # 4
Bo Potreritos, La Ceiba, Atlántida
Tel. 2440 3373
Fax 2440 3383

Cámara Nacional de Turismo, Capitulo San Pedro Sula
Barrio Los Andes, 7 Calle A N.O. # 94
San Pedro Sula
Email: hpavó

Cámara Nacional de Turismo Capitulo Sur
Hotel Flamingos
Ave. José Cecilio del Valle, Barrio El Centro,
Tel. 9882 3876, 9882 4342

Cámara Nacional de Turismo Capítulo Tela
Barrio Independencia, Calle Principal
Tela, Atlántida
Telefax: 2448-1099